Martial Arts for All Ages - No Experience Necessary! - No Fighters Please!!

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Why join?

Improved Confidence & Self Esteem - Develop an Iron Will

Heal -  Rehabilitate -  Overcome

  • Improved Coordination, Flexibility, Reflexes, & Cardio Endurance

  • Improved Fitness - Tone and Strengthen your Body

  • Safe and Gentle on your Joints

  • Better Focus and Mental Clarity

  • Stress Relief

  • Learn how to Defend Yourself, even against someone larger & stronger

Step by Step Instruction

Perfect for Beginners - No Experience Necessary!


I am so grateful to have found this karate school and look forward to my time in class every time. Master Christian Naggiar is a wonderful instructor bringing enthusiasm, specificity and variety into each class. It was a big surprise to me to find a karate school with this level of quality in Hollywood. What I most appreciate about this place is the friendliness and respect that everyone has for one another. It is so rewarding to be acknowledged for one’s progress. And there is so much to learn here. It is the perfect combination of self-defense, workout and martial art. It truly adds a lot of value to my life to be a part of this school and I miss it whenever I can’t go. It’s just wonderful.
— Celine E. via Yelp
Master Naggiar - Hollywood Karate


The Hollywood Soo Bahk Do® Karate School has been in the same location for over 30 years, helping to give everyone access to ancient, proven methods of improved Health, Discipline, Flexibility, Strength & Confidence. 

The Therapeutic, Healing, & Rehabilitative benefits of this Martial Art are invaluable in the recovery from sickness & injuries (Arthritis, Strokes, Surgery, Depression, Addiction, & much more). 

The actual definition of the traditional Korean Martial Art of Soo Bahk Do® Moo Duk Kwan® is: 

“The scientific use of the body in methods of self defense, combined with a strict philosophy guiding the practitioner towards discovering their full potential Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.”

At Hollywood Soo Bahk Do® Karate, we offer proprietary training programs in the Martial Arts that focus on developing the maximum potential within each individual, at any age.

The Soo Bahk Do® Moo Duk Kwan® Martial Art system (created by Grand Master Hwang Kee in Seoul, Korea in 1945) teaches effective Self Defense skills while emphasizing strong Core Values.

If it were possible to give a higher rating than 5-star, I would! Master Christian Naggiar and Ms. Kelly are wonderful instructors who have their students’ well-being in mind and at heart, first and foremost, and at all times. Besides the obvious self-defense skills that my two boys (9 and 7) are learning, they are learning life lessons. Master Naggiar brings his experience, expertise, and knowledge to each and every class with enthusiasm. He does it in a meaningful way that instructs the students for their benefit throughout all aspects of life, rather than just churning and burning them like some of the “belt factories” I’ve heard of. My sons started almost one year ago and just recently received their green belts, attending both group and private classes throughout the year. So, it’s not easy but you can rest assured and feel good about truly earning each promotion. I recommend both group and private classes as the individual instruction received in private classes is irreplaceable. I believe that due to these instructors and this school, karate is something my kids will enjoy for the rest of their lives. Soo Bahk!
— Andrew C. via Yelp