New Year's Resolutions

Peaceful Confidence (Pyung Ahn) - (Well balanced, calm, peaceful - safe, confident, comfortable).  Setting goals and attaining them for the New Year is a common resolution.  Most people do not stick to them because they are unrealistic. You may want to stop smoking, lose weight, get more fit, start exercising, or anything else.  You want immediate results, yet it took you years to get to where you are.  At Hollywood Soo Bahk Do Karate, we help you set realistic goals and support you in attaining them.  Because of the intensity of our training, as you progress, a calm, peaceful confidence will start to set in.  The stronger you become internally, the more peaceful you will be on the outside.  Discovering new limits, and pushing beyond what you think is possible, gives you renewed sense of Self Esteem and accomplishment.  Setting goals and reaching them through hard work, effort, and determination results in feeling good about yourself and giving yourself credit...In turn, this increases your level of belief in yourself and what you can accomplish.  This kind of positive attitude becomes a habit.  Most people associate habits with "Bad Habits."   We help to change that, and make you realize that "Habits" can be positive and life changing.

Proper Breathing - (Ho Hoop)

Proper breathing is essential to your health.  Generally speaking, when you are angry or frustrated, breathing gets shallow and rapid.  When laughing or happy, breathing is deep and slow.  In our training, we teach you how to coordinate your movements with your breath.  We help you to develop a "Ki Hap" or "Spirit Breath."  The Ki Hap is a yell when performing a hard or powerful technique.  It helps you to exhale powerfully and tightens your core in order to cultivate more power and protect your inner organs.  Breathing in when preparing for a technique, and being relaxed, then exhaling when executing the move promotes harmony, efficiency, power, and control over your body.  Using this type of breathing when demonstrating Hyungs (Forms) is a kind of moving meditation, and promotes health and well-being, as well as fitness and Self Defense.  The end result: better control of your breathing, and in turn, better control of your emotions.


Focus and Concentration

Focus and Concentration (Chung Shin Tong Il) - Because our techniques involve more than just physical training, your memory, focus, and concentration will also be tested and will greatly improve.  Hyungs or Forms, (a series of choreographed movements that include blocks, punches, and kicks) are part of our training regiment.  They require a high level of focus and help develop balance, agility, power, as well as improve overall health.  As the student reaches the higher levels, the Hyungs get increasingly challenging.  "Partner Drills" are used to help develop reflexes and learn the effectiveness of our Self Defense techniques.  Since safety is our number one priority, eye focus becomes an important part of our training.  Whether you are doing Hyungs, partner drills, kicks on the bag, or exercising, eye focus is stressed throughout.  In turn, this will help to make you aware of your eye focus in everyday life.  Looking someone in the eye when speaking to them, whether in a job interview, an audition, or in a social setting, always promotes better communication, resulting in a positive outcome.   



New Year's Resolutions (Part 3)

Self Defense (Ho Sin Sool) - An amazing phenomenon starts to occur when you learn how to defend yourself: Confidence is greatly improved, your demeanor changes, your eyes have a calm look about them.  You walk with your head held high.  Your awareness increases.  You become more sure of yourself regardless of the situation.  You are no longer an easy target, which means you are less likely to be confronted or attacked.  With this increase in confidence, comes a sense of calm and security.  This will make you less likely to panic in an emergency situation.  It will also decrease your likelihood of getting into arguments.  Since most people insist on being "right" because of a deep rooted insecurity with themselves, you will find that needing to be right is actually not that important anymore, being at peace is.  Here at Hollywood Soo Bahk Do Karate, anyone can learn and effectively use the Self Defense techniques we teach, because our techniques are based on leverage - they do NOT rely on strength, size, speed, or athletic ability.  What this means is that with our techniques, you can defend yourself against a larger, stronger person using proper timing, gravity, and momentum.

New Year's Resolutions (Part 2)

Health and Fitness - A very common mistake when having New Year's goals is changing too many things at once.  Eating better, exercising more, stop smoking, ease back on drinking, lose weight...etc.  At Hollywood Soo Bahk Do Karate we focus on one thing first: movement (exercise, activity).  That's where we start.  Once movement is introduced, your body will start to make changes on its own.  It will tell you what it needs, not what it wants.  On you own, you will begin to turn down that drink, cigarette, piece of pie, or anything else that used to tempt you.  You will learn moderation and eventually, have full control of your actions.  Soo Bahk Do is the name of our style (kicks, punches, techniques).  Moo Duk Kwan is our Philosophy, the mental tools we use to inspire and motivate.  That philosophy is what separates us from being "Fighters" and becoming Martial Artists.  The respect and discipline involved in our training helps to keep you patient and focused.  Addiction becomes a thing of the past.  You will realize that the "Choice" is yours to make.  We are an "Action Philosophy" - We don't just talk about ideas/goals, we do them.

Discipline and Respect

Discipline and Respect -  Because this is a Military / Martial Art, structure and discipline are evident in our classes.  Today's society wants "Instant Gratification" and "Immediate Results;" however, those results rarely last.  Our training focuses on patience and long lasting goals and results.   The philosophy behind our training is one of hard work, consistency, and a healthy lifestyle.  Long term health and fitness goals take time and effort to achieve.  Self-defense techniques require repetition and practice to become reflexive or "without thought."  Patience / Endurance is achieved through the type of traditional training our ancestors used to depend on, thousands of years ago, to protect their lives and stay strong and fit.  The outcome is muscle memory and long lasting results. Self Discipline and the ability to overcome temptation and peer pressure are greatly enhanced and strengthened.