New Year's Resolutions (Part 3)

Self Defense (Ho Sin Sool) - An amazing phenomenon starts to occur when you learn how to defend yourself: Confidence is greatly improved, your demeanor changes, your eyes have a calm look about them.  You walk with your head held high.  Your awareness increases.  You become more sure of yourself regardless of the situation.  You are no longer an easy target, which means you are less likely to be confronted or attacked.  With this increase in confidence, comes a sense of calm and security.  This will make you less likely to panic in an emergency situation.  It will also decrease your likelihood of getting into arguments.  Since most people insist on being "right" because of a deep rooted insecurity with themselves, you will find that needing to be right is actually not that important anymore, being at peace is.  Here at Hollywood Soo Bahk Do Karate, anyone can learn and effectively use the Self Defense techniques we teach, because our techniques are based on leverage - they do NOT rely on strength, size, speed, or athletic ability.  What this means is that with our techniques, you can defend yourself against a larger, stronger person using proper timing, gravity, and momentum.