Proper Breathing - (Ho Hoop)

Proper breathing is essential to your health.  Generally speaking, when you are angry or frustrated, breathing gets shallow and rapid.  When laughing or happy, breathing is deep and slow.  In our training, we teach you how to coordinate your movements with your breath.  We help you to develop a "Ki Hap" or "Spirit Breath."  The Ki Hap is a yell when performing a hard or powerful technique.  It helps you to exhale powerfully and tightens your core in order to cultivate more power and protect your inner organs.  Breathing in when preparing for a technique, and being relaxed, then exhaling when executing the move promotes harmony, efficiency, power, and control over your body.  Using this type of breathing when demonstrating Hyungs (Forms) is a kind of moving meditation, and promotes health and well-being, as well as fitness and Self Defense.  The end result: better control of your breathing, and in turn, better control of your emotions.