Focus and Concentration

Focus and Concentration (Chung Shin Tong Il) - Because our techniques involve more than just physical training, your memory, focus, and concentration will also be tested and will greatly improve.  Hyungs or Forms, (a series of choreographed movements that include blocks, punches, and kicks) are part of our training regiment.  They require a high level of focus and help develop balance, agility, power, as well as improve overall health.  As the student reaches the higher levels, the Hyungs get increasingly challenging.  "Partner Drills" are used to help develop reflexes and learn the effectiveness of our Self Defense techniques.  Since safety is our number one priority, eye focus becomes an important part of our training.  Whether you are doing Hyungs, partner drills, kicks on the bag, or exercising, eye focus is stressed throughout.  In turn, this will help to make you aware of your eye focus in everyday life.  Looking someone in the eye when speaking to them, whether in a job interview, an audition, or in a social setting, always promotes better communication, resulting in a positive outcome.