New Year's Resolutions

Peaceful Confidence (Pyung Ahn) - (Well balanced, calm, peaceful - safe, confident, comfortable).  Setting goals and attaining them for the New Year is a common resolution.  Most people do not stick to them because they are unrealistic. You may want to stop smoking, lose weight, get more fit, start exercising, or anything else.  You want immediate results, yet it took you years to get to where you are.  At Hollywood Soo Bahk Do Karate, we help you set realistic goals and support you in attaining them.  Because of the intensity of our training, as you progress, a calm, peaceful confidence will start to set in.  The stronger you become internally, the more peaceful you will be on the outside.  Discovering new limits, and pushing beyond what you think is possible, gives you renewed sense of Self Esteem and accomplishment.  Setting goals and reaching them through hard work, effort, and determination results in feeling good about yourself and giving yourself credit...In turn, this increases your level of belief in yourself and what you can accomplish.  This kind of positive attitude becomes a habit.  Most people associate habits with "Bad Habits."   We help to change that, and make you realize that "Habits" can be positive and life changing.