Soo Bahk Do is a highly effective workout because you only need to utilize your body weight to exercise your muscles. This results in a much lower impact workout than other forms of exercise that rely on additional weight. Here at HSBD, all of our workouts/classes take place on a cushioned mat, which helps to reduce the impact on your joints, such as hips, knees, ankles, etc. But perhaps the greatest attribute of working out here is the fact that the entire class is working out together, creating a supportive energy that helps you push your body further than you thought possible.

Crossfit: Crossfit relies on high intensity and jerky, ballistic movements which can result in a high probability of a strain on ligaments and/or tendons. Not only is risk increased in the short term, but sustaining your workout plan with Crossfit exercises increases the chances of you experiencing long term wear and tear to your body.

Yoga: While yoga is lower impact than Crossfit, it does not give you the cardiovascular exercise of SBD. The amount of participation, especially for beginners or people who have limited mobility, is reduced in yoga. In SBD, there is much more to learn and grasp than in yoga. With SBD, you train the same muscles you would in yoga, but with very little risk and a faster rate of improvement.