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As a beginner, I feel right at home in this class - supported by both Master Naggiar and the students who train regularly. It’s the perfect blend of fitness, skill and philosophy in an environment that encourages respect and discipline. Each class begins with a short meditation, followed by a physical work out and technique development with many different levels of engagement to challenge each level of student. There are set goals to measure progress while maintaining motivation throughout. Class ends with an enormous sense of well being and achievement. Additional benefits include breath flow, control, confidence, focus and mood management which can be applied to many aspects of life outside class. This is a fun atmosphere and safe environment to learn essential life skills for any age and gender while keeping fit and healthy.
— Rebecca E. via Yelp

A Unique Combination of Martial Arts & Exercise

Besides the amazing workout, our Adult Classes at Hollywood Soo Bahk Do® Karate consist of Self Defense techniques for Men, Women & Teens.  All of our Self Defense techniques rely on timing and leverage - NOT speed or strength -  so you will learn how to effectively defend yourself regardless of the size and strength of the attacker.

Through years of research, studies & statistics show that when men get involved in a confrontation, there can be many different scenarios.  Unfortunately when a man attacks a woman, there are two main intents: robbery or sexual assault. 

At Hollywood Soo Bahk Do® Karate, we think it is essential that DIFFERENT Self Defense techniques specifically designed for Women are included in our Regular Class Curriculum.  At times, we divide the classes up to address these scenarios.


Signed up in April this year and I am really happy I found this place. Master Christian Naggiar is an excellent teacher. He knows how to challenge you while motivating you and building your confidence. He also takes into consideration the different ways individuals learn and is flexible in his approach. Furthermore he manages to create a safe, fun and challenging learning space for all levels. Highly recommend Hollywood Soo Bahk Do Karate!
— Lennart K. via Yelp


Mind:  At Hollywood Soo Bahk Do® Karate, your training extends beyond that of your body and taps into the mind and spirit. Specifically, the Martial Art of Soo Bahk Do® aims to increase your awareness, your reaction speed, your ability to perform under pressure, and most of all, your discipline.

Body:  With Soo Bahk Do®, your body will experience dramatic changes.  Your muscles will become more toned and you will experience improvements in flexibility.  Through the training in the Martial Arts provided at Hollywood Soo Bahk Do® Karate, you will experience a vast improvement in your level of endurance, which will give you more energy, better health habits, and improved blood flow & breathing.

Spirit:  In Soo Bahk Do®, improvements in your mind and body are just the beginning.  Underneath the noticeable things, there will be an undeniable improvement in your spirit.  This improvement manifests itself with increased calmness, lowered anxiety, increased motivation and discipline, and an inner peace.