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My daughter has been attending classes at Hollywood Soo Bahk Do with Master Christian Naggiar since August 2015. As a parent, I highly recommend the Hollywood Soo Bahk Do school. Master Naggiar is an exceptional teacher, he delivers admirable order and discipline to his classes while creating an environment the kids can thrive in and have fun. The kids are extremely responsive to his instruction and each class provides structure and balance. I’ve noticed how the Soo Bahk Do classes have had a positive impact on life outside of the studio. My daughter’s confidence, self-control, and focus have all been developed since attending classes with Master Naggiar. The benefits and life-long rewards that are created and developed at the Hollywood Soo Bahk Do studio are not worth passing up for any person, at any age.
— Deborah L. via Yelp

Region 9 Championships


Discipline:  All young children, especially these days, need help developing their discipline and their attention spans.  The Martial Art of Soo Bahk Do® is built around a military tradition that teaches young men and women how to respect authority and to control their actions.  Through Soo Bahk Do®’s curriculum and methods, the before and after difference in their child’s discipline is a welcome difference to parents.

Behavior/Maturity:  Often, children who experience lashing out or uncontrollable behavior gain great benefit from the structure of Soo Bahk Do®.  From ADHD, unorthodox family structure, or just plain wild behavior, parents notice an amazing improvement in their child’s ability to behave exceptionally, both in school and at home.

Bully Defense:  These days, bully defense is a hot topic.  Due to bullying being prevalent in today’s schools, it has become a focal point of a kid’s upbringing.  Many times, school authorities claim that school bullying is a normal part of childhood, therefore the responsibility of protecting oneself relies on that individual.  In Soo Bahk Do®, we give tools to kids so that they can not only defend themselves, but also have the confidence and ability to focus on their schoolwork and stand up for themselves.  Having this confidence makes it less likely for a child to be a target of bullying.

Fitness:  Childhood obesity is an American epidemic and the habits of food discipline and exercise formed in childhood help define a young adult’s health.  At Hollywood Soo Bahk Do® Karate, through training in the Martial Arts, we focus on instilling exercise habits and discipline required to live a happy and healthy life.