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My twin girls have been attending the tots class here for going on four months, and we couldn’t be happier.

Master Naggiar is great with the kids, but firm enough to get - and keep - them in line. Imagine trying to keep a group of 3-4 year olds engaged and focused three time a week!

The class has given the girls confidence and instilled a level of discipline that we have been working towards for a while. Karate has become the girls’ favorite activity. Highly recommended.
— Boris C. via Yelp

Tiger Tots classes at Hollywood Soo Bahk Do® Karate are a great way to introduce young students to the wonderful world of Martial Arts and the Philosophy that goes with it.  The classes are about 30 minutes long.  They are set in a positive and safe environment with the focus mainly on reinforcing good behavior at home and in school.

Some of the areas we work on during Tiger Tots Classes:

Discipline/Self Control:  We provide guidance and tools for young students to help them realize that if they can "Control" themselves, then no one else has to.

Respect:  We use the tradition of "Bowing" during class when working with others.  Our students learn to say "Please" and "Thank You."  We teach the importance of standing with your feet together and making good eye contact with someone when speaking with them.   Making good eye contact with the teacher is reinforced throughout the class.

Obedience to Parents:  Our Tiger Tots learn to say "Yes Sir" or "Yes Ma'am" during class.  This helps our students learn to use these terms at home in the form of "Yes Dad" or "Yes Mom."

Working with others:  Our Tiger Tots learn to take turns and help others during class.  Our students learn the importance of setting a good example by their own behavior.  We help our tots develop good social skills and manners.

No talking back - Keeping your room clean and in order - Getting good grades in School

All of these mental concepts & social skills are incorporated in an active and physical class that allows your child to get plenty of exercise while learning some concepts about Self Defense, as well as "Bully" prevention.

My son started going to karate @3 years old and he has changed so much since then. I cannot say enough amazing things about the school and instructors. Master Naggiar is firm but if you want results that’s what I wanted from an instructor. My son LOVES going to school there and goes 3x a week. On the days he doesn’t have karate class he is so sad and tells me he wants to go with the big kids. On Saturday he earned his first orange stripe. He was so excited and proud that he wore his outfit to lunch. Thank you guys for all that you do. The passion and enthusiasm you have for your school really shows! See you Tuesday!
— Leeza D. via Yelp